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People tend to listen when they see your soul.

Friday duality


Wishing I could combine something like Morpholio Board and Offerup.

Obsessively thinking about the acrylic jewelry by Corey Moranis.

Loving this compact wireless LED and ambient charging lamp from nolii.

A workshop ritual about converging product standards across a team.

The inspiring and quietly heroic story of Chiune Sugihara, who wrote 6,000 visas for Jews fleeing German-occupied Poland.

The gentle scrolling effects of this design.



Children of Men is available on Amazon Prime Video, give this another watch if it’s been a while.

Molotov cocktails thrown at church in Seattle last night.

Human blinkers.

#MeToo Rising.

The juxtoposition of the robotic vs. the natural in the works by Julian Faber.

Amazon files for patent to detect user illness and emotional state by analyzing voice data.




This Invision blog post profiling every major open-source design system.

The Ocean and Machine Learning

I saw Orca whales for the first time over Labor Day Weekend and I haven’t been the same since.

This google blog post about analyzing audio data with machine learning to sort out whale calls is really something.

— for the world is movement, and you cannot be stationary in your attitude toward something that is moving.

Art happens in the Ohio river valley. My boyfriend Phil and I are both from Cincinnati and return home every Thanksgiving for our annual feeding. This year we got luxurious and wanted to dedicate this week to art. Since I’m an adult now, I booked a few nights at the 21c Museum Hotel, and we also visited the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Contemporary Arts Center.

Art in Cincinnati

“We have become creatures that construct tools, artefacts and machines. We’ve always been augmented by our instruments, our technologies. Technology is what constructs our humanity; the trajectory of technology is what has propelled human developments. I’ve never seen the body as purely biological, so to consider technology as a kind of alien other that happens upon us at the end of the millennium is rather simplistic.”

—Stelarc (Australian performance artist), interview with Joanna Zylinska, ca. 2000

How to turn an old iPhone into a media center.

I just wrapped up a small side project at work where I wanted to explore how to give an old phone new life. LPK is generous enough…

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How To Tile Print Your Large Artwork in Illustrator

Sometimes we have artwork we need to print and review that’s just too big to show on a normal tabloid sized paper. In a pinch, it’…

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How To Create a Surface Design Motif with Adobe Capture

I’m a really big Adobe CC nerd and I’ve been doing a lot of work lately digitizing motifs for pattern and surface design, and disc…

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